The Additional Chief Secretary Shri Rakesh Sharma ji came in Matri Sadan to discuss the issue with H.H.Holiness Shri Gurudev

The Additional Chief Secretary Shri Rakesh Sharma Ji along with Commissioner Garhwal Shri C. S. Napalchyal Ji, Secretary Disaster Management Shri Meenakshi sundaram, Dir. Mining Geology Shri Shridhar Babu Addanki and several officers came in Matri Sadan Yesterday. As far as point of discussion was concerned Shri Sharma Ji was very clear on each & every point and he was also aware of this fact that replenishment of boulders is not possible right from the Rishikesh and digging it is causing irreparable loss to the river geometry. He also made it very clear that boulders lying inside the earth are not to be touched for any cost. As is the understanding Shri Harish Rawat Ji, the Hon’ble C.M. of Uttarakhand will arrive in Matri Sadan within a day or two to complete the ongoing Tapasya of His Holiness Shri Gurudev and Brahmchari Aatmbodhanand. In due process a complete ban will be imposed on removal of boulders, stone and any other bed materials till Bhogpur.




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