Why Swami Shivanand Guru of Swami Nigmanand is on fast from 25th Nov 2011 onwards

Dear All,

 Gangaputra Nigmanand sacrificed his life for Ganga to prevent destructive mining in Ganga of Haridwar. In a letter of Shri Jairam Ramesh dated 17th june 2011 that the mining in Holy Ganga is illegal. This mining is in violation of the EIA notification 2006. He has also written earlier on Jan 06, 2010, but Uttarakhand Govt did nothing.

Swami Nigmanand sacrificed his life on 13th June 2011. The cause of death of suspicious poisoning is still under investigation by CBI.

A double bench Uttarakhand High Court judgment dated 26th May 2011 No. 3/2011 has clearly stated that Ganga in Bishanpur Ghat is dug by heavy machinery up to 40 ft and the water table of lakhs of acre of land has gone down. Forest of Sheesham and khair have been ruined. The high connection, muscle power was the illegal force behind the destruction of Nation River Ganga. These areas were closed after Swami Nigmanand’s sacrifice.

But on Nov 1st 2011 UK Govt. again opened mining in the same area.

The 68 days continuous fast of Swami Nigmanand was against corruption in judiciary.


In this darkest phase of India where mafia, bureaucrats, politicians and judiciary nexus is involved in Ganga pollution and corruption, a true saint Shri Gurudev Swami Shivanand ji has no option but to do peaceful, powerful, non violent Satyagrah. His only demand is to close mining in two ghats of River Ganga i.e Bishanpur and Ganga Bhogpur out of 23 ghats in the vicinity of tributaries of Ganga.


Today evening Swami Shivanand ji was booked under CrPC 309 (attempt to suicide). I apprehend that He may meet the same fate as His disciple Swami Nigmanand  was murdered by poisoning in hospital.

British Govt. never used Cr PC 309 in the history of non violent Satyagrah in our struggle for freedom.

I pray to God Please bless with the wisdom to realize the truth.



One thought on “Why Swami Shivanand Guru of Swami Nigmanand is on fast from 25th Nov 2011 onwards

  1. Dear All

    it is always sad to hear when a saint like Swami Nigmanand scarifies their life for a cause, and I am proud to live in a nation who has people like Swami Nigmanand and Swami Shivanand I have travelled the world but have not seen any country like India and people like them.


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