Shri Gurudev declares to begin Continuous fast/Satyagrah from 25th Nov 2011 against Ganga pollution and corruption due to restarting mining in Holy and National River Ganga

Founder and Head of Matri Sadan Param Poojneeya Shri Gurudev (Swami Shivanand Saraswati) has decided to begin continuous Fast/Satyagrah against restarting mining in Holy and National River Ganga.

Since Haridwar administration is not serious to make Ganga free from mining and pollution. In spite of High Court order/observation 3/2011 Uttarakhand High Court which observed official mafia nexus resulting in Ganga destruction.

 Swami Nigmanand ji sacrificed his life on 13th June 2011 while struggling against mining in river Ganga and pollution.

The rulers, politicians so called Hindu care takers and business minded religious organization do not want Ganga free from pollution. This is the reason that they don’t recognize the great sacrifice of Swami Nigmanand dishonoring and insulting not only the noble cause but also the culture and nation

Moreover, there is no remarkable progress in CBI Inquiry too. CBI has not been able to open the case even all proofs are provided to CBI. It seems that CBI too has been managed by powerful lobby that are in favor of mining.

Last week Shri Gurudev had declared that if there is any mining in Ganga, Matri Sadan would oppose it through continuous fast.

Other saints of Matri Sadan Br Dayanand, Br Yajnanand and Swami Poornanand were keen for the Satyagrah but Shri Gurudev himself decided to do.

SDM Shri Harbeer Singh reached Ashram to persuade and pacify but Matri Sadan always stands on truth..

With reference to CBI investigation, the relatives of Swami Nigmanand ji are called for interrogation. Shri Gurudev has welcomed this move and asked few questions about it. A letter has been sent to IO to inquire as who is sponsoring them. When Swami Nigmanand ji was in coma why did they not visit him and kept mum. When they reached Haridwar after his death, where did they stay and who bore the expenditure of bringing them by plane and why did they create furore in front of Matri Sadan gate.

A questionnaire has been sent to CBI. Some of them are as follows:

1) When Swami Nigmanand Ji had renounced the family 16 years ago, there was no communication with their family and relatives.

2) Why the family did not come to see him while he was in hospital and why they shut their mouth while He was in coma.

3) It is customary that renouncing the material life, family and relatives do not interact so why did the family come at all?

5) Who spent for their stay in hotel and where did they stay.

6) Find out the call details of family and relatives.


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