Swami Nigmanand JI on His last journey


5 thoughts on “Swami Nigmanand JI on His last journey

  1. Demise of swami nigamanand ji is an incomparable loss to the humanity…..
    He was one of the most admired persons of MATRI SADAN…
    An inspiriration to all…
    May his soul rest in peace..

  2. I’ve been reading some of the press articles about Swami Ji, who I admired very much and who will also always be in my heart. I feel it important to reflect the views of outsiders of Matri Sadan in this time of great loss for those of us, who knew Swami Ji well. In no way did Gurudev Swami Shivanand restrict his access to outsiders, I am an outsider and yet was warmly welcomed by all at Matri Sadan with no expectations, especially Swami Nigamand who gave his friendship wholeheartedly. Swami Shivanad is a deeply holy, respectful, kind, peace loving saint who opens his doors to everyone, that was my experience. I will miss Swami Nigmanand very much. He was my friend.

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