Letter to the CM and his response‏

From: jha satyan


dateFri, Jan 8, 2010 at 2:01 AM

subject:Concern about mining in Ganga from Ganga Protectors and lovers in Europe

Dear Chief Minister Dr. Pokhriyalji

Let me first congratulate you for being elected as the Chief Minister of the state of Uttarakhand. I hope that during your tenure the state will rebuild itself as a model state of India. In the past for many reasons the image of the BJP, the party that you representm has been tainted. People around the world has always looked upon the BJP as the protector and the saviour of saints and yogis. At the same time as you must be aware that in India as well as in the west the party’s image is taking a jolt as two saints of Matrisadan, Haridwar are on fast unto death against illegal mining and deforestation in Haridwar for more than sixty days. People from all over the world are signing the online petition http://www.petitiononline.com/JaiGanga/petition.html that was posted on the 15th of october. It is being reported in the newspapers that the BJP govt.in Uttarakhand is working hand in hand with the local mafia. How can we hope for Ramrajya when those who are supposed to protect our hindu and national heritage are helping petty thiefs in destroying it. In France people have started comparing the BJP with a highly lowly rated and despised French nationalist party lead by one Le Pen. I have always told the french and the german media that the principals of the BJP are highly motivated by our ancient hindu and vedic culture and has got nothing to do with the petty parties that despise the humanity.
Please help us in saving the precious lives our rare true reprentatives of the ancient culture. By saving the lives of our saints the BJP will also move ahead in your leadership in the true direction and wipe out the accusations of the media that the BJP is not a rakshak of the saints and our natioanl heritage. If the Holy River Ganga dries up like the mighty Amazone river has recently dried up, our whole culture will disappear in no time. The holy Ganga is the lifeline of the whole himalayan region and the north and the east of India, if Ganga dies we will die with Maa Ganga. Please save Maa Ganga and by doing so you will also save the BJP’s hindu rakshak image. for more detailed information please visit these websites https://matrisadan.wordpress.com/
http://hindi.indiawaterportal.org/node/3184 (for hindi readers)
With regards
Satyan Jha
Research Scholar, Sorbonne University, Paris

Reply |Chief Minister, Uttarakhand to me

fromChief Minister, Uttarakhand

dateFri, Jan 8, 2010 at 12:28 PM
subjectRe: Concern about mining in Ganga from Ganga Protectors and lovers in Europe

Dear Satyan,
thanks a lot for the mail.
We are working hard to maintain sanctity of mother Ganga. I have forwarded your concerns to DM.
Best regards


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