Vehicles destroying Ganga


One thought on “Vehicles destroying Ganga

  1. Is this despite a specific ban imposed by the district administration on entry of vehicles into the river? Or, has the ban been lifted? How can such a flagrant violation of an administrative order take place? But, oh, I’m sorry. This is our Bharat Mahan where anything can happen and with impunity. Courts of law rule that vehicles entering Ganga stream pollute it; administration agrees and issues an order disallowing their entry into the river for the purpose of mining. But in full view of people and in the knowledge of administration they enter the river for exactly the same purpose, and no action is taken. What shall we call it? Who is responsible for it? Of course it is the administration, but is the administration alone to blame for it, not the people? Ask Matri Sadan. They have an answer.

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