Yesterday, an emergency meeting of NRGBA held in Delhi and the Matri Sadan Satyagrah was discussed along with other matters viz, construction of dams, almost all members opposed the construction of dams, but still Govt. and its plan underground pressure needs to resolve further.

Regarding Matri Sadan a High level Enquiry is going to be held by MOEF. I hope the winning situation and to resolve matter within 2 days.

The letter of Mr. Siddiqui is shown below.

Looking forward for further action.

On 5th Dec.2009, we may attend the huge gathering of Sanyasis including Puri Shankeracharya ji in Delhi.Here at Haridwar, Akhara Parishad with all Sanyasis are giving Full Support to Matri Sadan.

Dear Dr. Sharma,

Yesterday’s meeting was only a consultative meeting and not a full NRGBA meeting. However, the matter under reference was voiced forcefully by all expert members. In view of the urgency, it was decided by the Secretary, MoE & F that an officer from the mininstry will be sent to Haridwar immediately to sort out the matter, since writing to the State authorities may delay the matter further. You may contact the Secretary/MoE&F to remind. You may quote this communication, if so desired.


R. H. Siddiqi
Senior Member NRGBA


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