Appeal for immediately stopping mining activities in or near the Ganga


GANDHI SYMBOLIZES A CULTURE OF TRUTH AND NON-VIOLENCE, i.e. a culture of pursuit of ethical perfection as the ultimate goal of life and pursuit of selfless ethical life of universal love as its means.

Chairperson Convener
Smt Tara Gandhi Bhattacharyaji Smt Rama Rauta
Vice-Chairperson, Gandhi Smiriti & Darsan Samiti,Delhi President, National Women’s Organization, Pune

Date: November 8, 2009

Dr.Manmohan Singh
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
7 Race Course,
New Delhi, India-110011

Subject: Appeal for immediately stopping mining activities in or near the Ganga

Honorable Sir,
Please accept deep regards for you. It is deeply painful to know that highly eco-hostile mining activities are still continuing in or near our national river the Ganga at Uttarakhand with the full cooperation of the government authorities and non-violent satyagrahis against such activities are treated very cruelly by the government authorities. Contractors and local looters are plundering its stones and sand even near various holy places situated on its banks in Uttarakhand. Please see the reports of Shri Rajendra Singh, Member, NGRBA and Dr Vijya Verma, Matri Sadan, Haridwar on this issue enclosed herewith. (Please see also a report about the eco-hostile mining activities at the holy Braj area near the river Yamuna in spite of mass protests against it.)

I would like to inform you that yesterday Noble Prize winner environmentalist Dr R.K. Prachury telephonically reaffirmed his firm conviction against the construction of the dams in Uttarakhand. Surely crippling the holy river Ganga for the production of few hundred or thousands megawatt of electricity by constructing dams in the earth quake prone, fragile environment of its Uttarkhand region, causing great harm to the aesthetically and religiously invaluable

natural ecology of the Himalayas and of the national river, and to the bactericidal, disease curing, health promoting, non-putrefying and
purifying properties of GANGAJAL is far great a national loss. Surely it does conflict with the Government’s acceptance of (1) the Ganga as a National river as well as (2) its acceptance as a National Mission to save the Himalayan Ecosystem as a part of the National Action Plan for Climate Change. There is news that China is also planning to construct big dams on the Brahmaputra River, which would surely have devastating implications for our north-eastern states. If we can’t stop our greed, on what moral basis could we stop them?

We earnestly request you to direct immediate stopping all eco-hostile activities, mining, blasting, etc, near our national river and its tributaries. The central Government authorities must acquire powers to overrule the state government authorities with reference to protection of the national river. Please take the necessary steps in this direction. Protection of the Ganga, symbolizing all rivers and water bodies, and the Giriraj Himalaya, symbolizing all mountains, forests and wildlife, must be accorded highest priority in our national development process.

With deep regards
Yours sincerely,

Smt Rama Rauta
Convener, Save Ganga Movement
President, National Women’s Organization, Pune
Member,Expert Committee, NGRBA, Govt of India
Resi: Shanti Vihar, B-16,Vigyan Nagar
S. No. 19/5, Bavdhan Khurd, Pune-411021

Encl: As the above

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